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2015 Monster Kickathon for Free To Breathe: Results

The day before Halloween of 2015, a group of kids got together to do something incredible. They had been working hard all month to make preparations. They had put together some awesome costumes, but that was the easy part. They had talked to many of their friends am family members to gain support and commitment, and this took courage. But the night before Halloween, the time came to do the hard work. The Pride MMA Monster Kick-a-thon was here.

Thai kicks are not your usual "karate kicks". They are one of the most powerful kicks ever developed in the martial arts. They require the martial artist to use their entire body, putting their full weight into every kick. Because of this, throwing them continuously for any period of time is extremely exhausting. Our Pride kids, aged 3-15, volunteered to throw as many as possible in a five minute time frame. That is an incredibly long time of continuous exorcise!

So why would these kids do this? Wouldn't it be hard? Well of course it would be. But they had more important things in mind. For every kick they threw within that five minutes, their friends and family pledged to donate a certain amount to Free To Breathe, an organization that works towards improving lung cancer survival through research and promotion of healthy lifestyles. You can visit their website here to learn more:

One of the character qualities that these kids are familiar with is sacrifice. To truly help someone else, often we must give up something of our own. We must do things that are hard or uncomfortable, in order to help those in need. Those participating in our Monster Kick-a-thon understood this sacrifice, and the end result was incredible! Our kids, in a total of 9,501 kicks, ended up raising $1,530.50 for the Free to Breathe organization! What an awesome way to spend five minutes!

The winner for most kicks ages 10+ was Keelie Cargill at 408!
The winner for most kicks ages 6-9 was Mia Shackford at 375!
The winner for most kicks ages 3-5 was Corbin Byers at 252!
And the winner for most money raised, at $420, was Jack Manis!
A big congratulations to everyone who participated.

Thank you to Coach Jessica Cargill for putting this together and making it happen!

Thank you to the wonderful people at Perk Place Cafe, our partners who led us to Free to Breathe!

Thank you to all of the parents and friends who committed their time and money to make the event a success!

And most of all, thank you to the kids for your hard work as sacrifice, which was inspiring to me and many others!