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Character Challenge!

     Can you believe it? It is March already! The last few months have flown by! We are already on our 3rd word of the month for 2013 here at Pride. This month’s word is Courage, and it means “The willingness to face fears and challenges with determination and conviction.” But before I get to talking about how awesome our new word is (I have a few more posts ready just for that), I have a challenge for all of our students- if they are up for it.

     A lot of times when we do our word of the month, it is extremely easy for students to practice using that character quality all month long, and then forget about it when the next month rolls around. That is not our goal for these kids. Our goal is to instill virtues that will be kept for a lifetime. It is just like when we teach physical skills, the students are expected to practice them at home so that they are not forgotten: character skills need practice, too-or else they will begin to fade away.

A quick review before I give my challenge:
Our word for January was Vision-seeing my goals clearly before I set out to achieve them.
Our word for February was Integrity-doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.
Our word for March is Courage-the willingness to face fears and challenges with determination.

     So here is my challenge. If any of our kids can keep track of three times this month where they have shown Vision, Integrity, and Courage, respectively (and get it signed by a parent) then they can turn it in to me, Coach Jessie, or Coach Epps for not one, but TWO Pride Bucks. Sound easy enough? Let’s get to work!

Use the attached form to record your results, sign it, and turn it into the coaches!