Decisions, Decisions...

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Decisions, Decisions...

Successful people realize that our daily decisions make or break us.  Many people sabotage their own success by making wrong choices and decisions.  Many of us make decisions without really thinking them through.

My wife and I started the Body for Life Program.  We watched the videos, bought the cookbooks, bought all the right food.  My wife spent a good part of a Sunday cooking and prepping meals for the week.  She packed individual meals into Tupperware containers (we had to eat five meals a day each)!  It went great the first week, but we had to go out of town the next weekend.  We didn’t make time to shop, cook, and prep the next weeks meals.

We didn’t really think through what changing our eating habits really meant.  We didn’t account for the time it takes to do the shopping, cooking, and prepping.   We went into this adventure unprepared.  We had to restructure our schedule.  We had to make the time to shop, cook, etc.

The small, seemingly insignificant, choices have a butterfly effect that echoes into our future.  One Saturday night we stayed up really late, therefor we didn’t feel like going shopping the next day.  That meant we didn’t have food to cook, snowballing into ordering a pizza and trying to fit in shopping, cooking, and prepping into the following week’s already hectic schedule.

Don’t let Today’s decisions become Tomorrow’s lost opportunities. Take the time to analyze your goals.  Structure your daily schedule in a way that empowers you to make correct decisions.  When you come to a crossroad (and you will), ask yourself, “What will this decision cost me?”

Coach Epps