Exciting Enhancements to Our Youth Program

Parents of Pride Students-

I am very excited about the next few months: awesome things are coming our way here at Pride!  Our mission is to develop the character qualities of a winner in our students as they make their way towards black belt.  I am able to give a firsthand testimony that Coach Epps has been leading his team in conducting copious amounts of research in order to determine the most effective ways to achieve our goal.  We have been examining our curriculum, our programs, and our schedule in order to best empower the lives of our Pride family members.  As a result of this research, I am proud to announce that we are making a few changes to our current class times.

Here are some of the biggest advantages to our new schedule:

Teen Classes: Exciting news for our students (and parents of students) ages 13-16!  We will be introducing a new Teen Class to our schedule!  This will give the coaches exciting new opportunities to work specifically with our older kids, and develop better one-on-one relationships in that way.  It will also give us the chance to deal with issues specific to that age group.  This class will give them a place of their own, instead of being in with the kids or adults.

Warriors Class: Our Warriors class here at Pride will now include ages 6-12.  Our 6 and 7 year olds have been doing a phenomenal job in our current Little Champs class, and we feel that they are ready to hang in with the “Big Kids!”  The younger students will be able to partner and work with some of our older kids to learn crucial details at a faster pace.  In turn, this will give our higher belt ranks the perfect opportunity to practice their leadership skills!

Little Warriors Class: The new Little Warriors class will be the perfect way to introduce martial arts concepts and disciplines to our 4-5 year old students!  Our Little Warriors will have their own unique lessons, not only designed to teach them the fundamentals of martial arts, but also to teach them valuable life skills such as Focus, Respect, Manners, and Fire Safety!

New Weapons Week: The last full week of each month here at Pride will be our “Weapons Week!”  Aside from our White Belts, all students will be required to have their Escrima Sticks present during this time for stick/sword training.  (Just a reminder: Students are advised to bring ALL of their equipment with them for every class!)

All of these changes to our schedule and class times will go into effect on Monday, April 1st.  

You can get a copy of the new schedule at the Front Desk.