From Black Belt to Championship Belt

Kenna Chamlee and Keelie Cargill of Pride Mixed Martial Arts in Edmond, recently earned the coveted Black Belt and then went on to win the International Kickboxing Federation’s  World Classic Championship Title belt the very next week!

The World Classic is one of the most prestigious kickboxing tournaments on the planet.  Once a year it brings together some of the toughest and most dedicated competitors from all over the world to compete .  To win the IKF World Classic is a huge accomplishment.

Keelie Cargill, ten years old, started training in the martial arts at four years of age.  “She used to sit on the sidelines watching her brother’s class mimicking the the moves of the other students.” says her coach, Jason Epps.  “I invited her to train and the rest is history!  She is a determined little girl that gives a 110% to everything she does.  Her potential is limitless.  I expect even greater accomplishments from her in the future!”

Keelie, who goes by the nickname Kiwi, is one of the youngest students Mr. Epps has promoted to Black Belt.  “Keelie's training at Pride Mixed Martial Arts has been a fundamental part of developing the strong and confident lady she is becoming.It's amazing to see the positive influence that she, at only 10 years old, has on those around her - younger and older.  I know it's another one of many benefits received from her leadership training with Coach Epps” Says, her mother Jesse Cargill who is also, one of her coaches and teammates.

Twelve year old Kenna Chamlee started training at Premier Martial Arts at age of nine.  Originally, Kenna came to Pride to learn self defense and build her confidence.  Her father, Kenny Chamlee,  reflects on a phone call he received from her principal, shortly after enrolling Kenna in lessons,

About a year after we enrolled her at Pride Mixed Martial Arts, we get a call from her principal- she said, ‘I don’t know what has happened, but I wish all of our kids had the self-confidence and leadership ability that Kenna has.’  We owe it to her martial arts training and her coaches at Pride.

Because of her tenacity in the ring Kenna goes by the nickname Kennacious.“Kenna, has come a long way.  She was a shy self-conscious girl when she first started, but now she is confident and has a lot of drive and tenacity!” says, Coach Epps.