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Girl Scouts Learn Self Defense

Who runs the world? Girls, of course. This January, Girl Scouts from all over Oklahoma gathered at Pride MMA to release their inner girl power. Throughout the day, these girls learned that they have the ability to keep themselves safe by making wise decisions, being aware of their surroundings, and responding quickly and effectively in a threatening situation.

The girls, ranging in age from 12 – 15, are in the process of maturing and learning to make their own decisions. After participating in our personal protection classes, they learned that growing up strong means taking control of our circumstances and reducing the risk of becoming a victim. This group of young ladies learned they have the power stand on their own when making decisions about the activities in which they participate, and the places they choose to go; because every choice has a consequence. We discussed the characteristics of a “bad guy”, and how to identify abnormal behavior. But we also talked about those we can trust to help us in uncertain situations, and the importance of telling those people when we observe or experience abnormal behavior in another person.
The most fun part of the day happened when the girls learned techniques they can successfully use if they do find themselves in a threatening situation. From their voices to their fists, they have all the weapons they need to increase their chances of getting out of danger. What an amazing sight it was watching them discover those weapons!

The Girl Scout motto is “Be prepared.” The girl who is strong must be ready to face every decision, every situation, and every conflict head-on. Being prepared requires mental toughness, good discernment, and efficient physical technique. On January 9th, forty young ladies became more equipped to live up to their motto, and face conflict with confidence.


If you are interested in setting up a personal protection workshop for your group contact us at (405) 749-5949