Pride MMA at the AGF Nationals in Tulsa

I couldn't be more proud of how well our guys did at the American Grappling Federation Nationals in Tulsa this weekend! 

 It was definitely a bitter sweet day with lots of great moments but also missing the one who created this team. I had several chats with the kids, other coaches and the parents an how strange it felt not to have Coach Monkey with us.  I missed him horribly all day. I know they did too.  

 In spite of this heavy weight, the entire team rose to the challenge.  They could have very easily chosen to take a step back not having him here. But instead they banded together, and fought in honor of their mentor, coach and brother.  

 Saturday, our team brought home a total of 9 medals in GI (1 Gold, 3 Silver & 5 Bronze) and 6 in No GI (1Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze).   Most of these medals contributed to the Lovato team winning the Kids No GI team title and 2nd in the Kids GI.  

 To honor Kannon , Professors Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader and the Lovato BJJ team sent the team trophy's home with us to keep at Pride MMA. (Thank you Lovato Jiu-Jitsu Association )

 I am so very proud of you all - my team of coaches and those who competed.  Your bravery and strength is an inspiration to us all.  So much on the line, and an emotional day for sure. I know Kannon is smiling down on each of you- so proud of the warriors you are becoming.  You honored him well.

Coach Jessi