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    Would You Employ You?

    Going through some old notes, I came across something I wrote down at a Zig Ziglar seminar from 1993.  It stated, “Would you employ you?” I remember Zig asking the audience, "What kind of employee are you?  If you were the boss, are you the kind of employee you would want tohave as  part of your team?   Read More...

  • The Dream Killers: Fear and Self Doubt Pt. 1

    I once heard a speaker say, “The price for failure is greater than the price of success.”.  That phrase has stuck with me for many years.  It got me thinking about why do so many people chose to pay the price of failure. What stops one person from taking action and becoming successful and what helps the other person dominate their field?  The answer is mindset.  Mindset is are the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation. Over the years of teaching, trai...  Read More...